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AceBeam X50 2.0

AceBeam X50 2.0 super powerful 45000 lumen 871m rechargeable LED search light

756g, 45,000 Lumens, 189,660cd: The AceBeam X50 2.0 PD is an incredibly powerful search light with a max output of 45,000 lumens and an 871m beam distance. It utilises 8 x CREE LEDs and is available in cool white or neutral white, with neutral white having slightly lower output. The X50 lights up a huge area with a wide 120 degree beam angle. The X50 2.0 is powered by a built-in 4250mAh Li-ion battery pack which is USB-C rechargeable and can fully charge in just 1 hour. It also doubles as a power bank so you can use it to charge other devices. The X50 2.0 comes with a detachable handle for easy carrying and also features a standard tripod socket for mounting on a tripod. Other features of this torch include its durable build quality, single stainless steel switch, mechanical safe lock function and IP68 dust and water resistance rating. Available in cool white, neutral white and high CRI. 


  • The X50 2.0 world's first PD power bank brightest flashlight powered by 3 x 21700 battery pack.
  • Utilises 8 pieces LEDs with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours and a maximum output of up to 45,000 lumens (dpends on LED choice).
  • Supports PD60W Quick Charge USB-C recharging offers a full battery in less than one hour
  • The beam angle is up to 120°, a wide range of seeing
  • The Built-in thermal control module will automatically adjust the brightness output, and keep using it comfortably.
  • Fast USB Type-C charging with discharging function as power bank available
  • Built-in safety self-testing intelligent charging&discharging circuit, convenient, fast and safe, and protocols of QC 3.0 & PD 3.0.
  • One single stainless steel switch provides access to seven levels and Special Strobe mode which can be exchanged quickly and instant Turbo.
  • High-efficiency boost driver works constant current&voltage circuit will maintain constant brightness.
  • Reliable patented safe lock-No accidental activation
  • Battery indicator to know when you're good to go
  • Detachable handle for stable grip
  • Hardened dual AR coated, 99% transmittance glass
  • Aerospace-grade A6061-T6 aluminium alloy body, wear-resistant Type III hard-anodised surface treatment.
  • Rating in accordance with IP68, Impact resistant to 2 meter
  • Package Includes:
    • 1 x AceBeam X50 2.0 (battery pack included)
    • 1 x Charging adapter 
    • 1 x Holster
    • 1 x Lanyard
    • 1 x Charging cable
    • 1 x Handle


      • LED: 8 x LEDs 
      • Max Beam Distance: CW - 871m / NW - 839m / High CRI - 494m
      • Max Beam Intensity: CW - 189,660cd / NW - 175,980cd / High CRI - 61,009cd
      • Runs On: Built-in 10.8V/4250mAh Li-ion battery pack  (Replaceable) 
      • Brightness Output:

        Cool White: 6500K
        • Ultra-Low: 400 lumens; 11hours
        • Low: 1,200lms~400lms, 6hours 5minutes+32minutes
        • Med1: 2,000lms~1,200lms~400lms, 4hours+5minutes+32minutes
        • Med2: 3,800lms~2,000lms~1,200lms~400lms, 2hours 8minutes+5minutes+4minutes+32minutes
        • Med3: 7,500lms~5,600lms~2,000lms~1,200lms~400lms, 13minutes+57minutes+10minutes+5minutes+32minutes
        • High: 15,000lms~5,600lms~2,000lms~1,200lms~400lms, 2minutes+1hour 7minutes+10minutes+4minutes+32minutes
        • Turbo: 45,000lms~5,600lms~2,000lms~1,200lms~400lms, 30seconds+1hour 6minutes+11minutes+4minutes+32minutes
        • Strobe: 7,500lms, 1 hour
        Neutral White: 4500K
        • Ultra-Low: 380 lumens; 11hours
        • Low: 1,000lms~380lms, 6hours 5minutes+32minutes
        • Med1: 1,900lms~1,000lms~380lms, 4hours+5minutes+32minutes
        • Med2: 3,500lms~1,900lms~1,000lms~380lms, 2hours 8minutes+5minutes+4minutes+32minutes
        • Med3: 7,300lms~5,400lms~1,900lms~1,000lms~380lms, 13minutes+57minutes+10minutes+5minutes+32minutes
        • High: 13,000lms~5,400lms~1,900lms~1,000lms~380lms, 2minutes+1hour 7minutes+10minutes+4minutes+32minutes
        • Turbo: 43,000lms~5,400lms~1,900lms~1,000lms~380lms, 30seconds+1hour 6minutes+11minutes+4minutes+32minutes
        • Strobe: 7,300lms, 1 hour

        High CRI: High Color Rendering Index (CRI≥95)

        • Ultra-Low: 150lms, 10.5hours; 
        • Low: 350lms-150lms, 6.5hours+30minutes; 
        • Med1: 1,200lms-350lms-150lms, 4.5hours+2minutes+10minutes; 
        •  Med2: 2,200lms-1,200lms-350lms-150lms, 2hours+5minutes+2minutes+10minutes; 
        •  Med3: 4,500lms-2,800lms-1,200lms-350lms-150lms, 9minutes+75minutes+5minutes+2minutes+10minutes; 
        •  High: 8,500lms-2,800lms-1,200lms-350lms-150lms, 2minutes+80minutes+5minutes+2minutes+10minutes; 
        •  Turbo: 21,000lms-2,800lms-1,200lms-350lms-150lms, 1minute+74minutes+5minutes+2minutes+10minutes; 
        •  Strobe: 5,000lms, 1.5 hours;
      • Impact resistant: 2m
      • Waterproof: IP68
      • Dimensions:
        • Length: 139.6mm
        • Head Diameter: 51.8mm
        • Body Diameter: 75mm
      • Weight: 756g
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Hi, does the Acebeam X50 come with a AU plug charger?
Yes. The AceBeam X50 comes with an Australian approved 65W USB type C PD charger.
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